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Professional Rolling Pins

Featured in Marsha Winbeckler’s 
new Craftsy video!

Do you own a collection of rolling pins that just aren’t adequate?

Maybe you’d really like a sheeter but can’t afford one or don’t have room for one.

Perhaps you just like a more hands-on approach.  We have your solution.

We make the only rolling pin able to tackle those big fondant jobs quickly & easily.  

You’ve invested in the right equipment and tools for your baking business

and most equipment isn’t guaranteed to last a lifetime.  

The Caketrick Professional Rolling Pin is.


It’s a hand crafted, commercial quality, beautiful piece of

equipment that you’ll be proud to display in your bakery or kitchen.

It’s designed to make fondant roll-outs fast and easy.

You’ll save money too because you’ll be able to roll fondant even thinner than with a sheeter.  

Less fondant used means more attractive cakes and more money in your pocket.

You’ll love it or we’ll give you a100% refund….

Get yours today!


   Pizza, Pastries

   Cookies, Nougat

   Laminated Doughs

    Fondant, Pie Crust

     Masa Harina

      Bread Doughs

      Even Cutlets!

Cake by Rick Reichart

“wanted to write to tell you that I love my new caketrick roller.... it's so much easier than the no handle rolling pin I was using.... I had a ridiculously busy week and it really saved me time, my back and hands. great product, thank you..! … if you need anything feel free to call upon me..! take care..! aloha..! “

Rick Reichart, co-author of “Extreme Cakeovers”                                    and co-owner of                                  Cakelava Kailua, HI


The “Gold Standard” in 
commercial rolling pins


                               Effortless Roll-outs

                                 Non Stick Surface

                          Reduces Risk of Injury

                        Naturally Anti-Microbial

                  Heaviest Pin on the Market

                 Saves You Time and Money

             Never Leaves Tracks or Lines

               100% Money Back Guarantee



The Caketrick Rolling Pin 
now an official kitchen tool 
of the Craftsy demo studios!
Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show 2012
Prices quoted in video do not reflect present prices

Proud Sponsors of

Kerry Vincent’s

Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show

Bronwen Weber’s team using 
The Caketrick Fondant Roller 
At the 2013 
Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show

Cake by Jennifer Matsubara


Hawks Photography

Some of our customers sound off at 
the 2013 Austin Day of sharing